SWAT Services

Kessler Ag Ventures is a partner with Croptimistic Technology offering Soil, Water, And Topography services for precision agriculture, helping farmers optimize their crop production through advanced soil analysis and tailored recommendations. Our SWAT Services include variable rate application, soil sampling, and fertility recommendations.

Variable Rate Application

Variable Rate Application involves using the SWAT MAPS to create prescription maps that dictate where and how much fertilizer, seed, soil amendment, pesticide, or water should be applied.

This approach ensures that each area of the field receives precisely what it needs, based on its unique soil characteristics, topography, and crop requirements. As a result, farmers can increase yields, reduce costs, and minimize environmental impacts.

Soil Sampling

Soil Sampling is an essential component of SWAT Services. We use advanced sampling techniques and equipment to collect soil samples at precise depths and locations, capturing a representative snapshot of the soil health and nutrient levels.

The expert team at our partner, AgVise Labs, then analyzes the samples using the latest laboratory methods to generate detailed soil health reports. These reports provide critical insights into the soil’s nutrient levels, pH, organic matter content, and other factors that affect crop growth.

Fertility Recommendations

Based on the soil test reports, we provide customized fertility recommendations that help farmers balance the soil’s nutrient levels and promote optimal plant growth.

Our recommendations are tailored to each field’s specific needs, taking into account factors such as crop type, yield goals, and soil characteristics. We work closely with farmers to implement these recommendations effectively, providing guidance on fertilizer types, application rates, and timing.

Get Started

KAV’s SWAT Services are designed to help farmers maximize their crop production while minimizing their environmental impact. Our precision agriculture approach ensures that each field receives the exact inputs it needs, reducing fertilizer waste and runoff. By optimizing soil health and fertility, we help farmers improve crop quality, yield, and profitability. Contact us today to learn more about how SWAT Services can benefit your farm.