Agronomy Services

Kessler Ag Ventures offers Agronomy Services to help farmers maximize their crop yields and quality while managing their overall environmental impact. Our Agronomy Services include crop scouting, sound recommendations and monitoring of your ever changing crop throughout the growing season.

The team at KAV approaches every season with a personalized approach, understanding that every farm has differing needs and requirements. We spend a significant amount of time and focus planning with every farm we work with on individualized fertility programs, crop rotations and pesticide management practices. Focusing on the upcoming season and beyond to ensure a sustainable and profitable future.

Crop Scouting

Crop Scouting is a vital component of our Agronomy Services. Our experienced agronomists perform regular field visits to monitor crop growth and health, identify potential issues, and recommend appropriate solutions.

We use advanced tools and techniques, including drone-based imaging, to assess crop canopy, stand density, disease and pest pressure, and other factors that affect yield and quality.

Agronomic Recommendations

Based on the crop scouting reports, we provide customized recommendations that help farmers make informed decisions about fertilizers, pesticides, seed varieties, and other inputs.

Our recommendations are tailored to each field’s unique characteristics, taking into account factors such as soil type, weather patterns, and crop rotation history. We provide guidance on the optimal timing, rates, and application methods for each input, ensuring that farmers get the best possible results.

To support our Agronomy Services, we also offer Weather Stations that provide real-time weather data and alerts. Our weather stations are strategically located throughout the farm, collecting data on temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed, and other weather parameters.

Comprehensive Agronomy Resources

Kessler Ag Ventures proudly offers a comprehensive suite of agronomy services to its clients. At the core of this offering is unlimited accessibility to our team of agronomy experts and resources throughout the year. This expert team conducts research trials relevant to the ever-evolving agricultural industry, providing valuable insights to our clients. These findings are consolidated and disseminated annually, ensuring our clients are always equipped with the latest information.

Additionally, our agronomy clients receive a bi-weekly newsletter, keeping them abreast of emerging trends, innovative practices, and research updates. Our reputable relationships with leading industry partners further enhance the value of our services, providing a robust, integrated approach to agronomy, tailored to achieve optimal results for our clients.

Get Started

KAV’s Agronomy Services are designed to help farmers optimize their crop yields and quality while reducing their environmental impact. Our expert agronomists, customized recommendations, and advanced weather stations provide farmers with the tools they need to make data-driven decisions and improve their bottom line. Contact us today to learn more about how Agronomy Services can benefit your farm.